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Release of BARC Logo and Enhanced BARC Website

Shri Sekhar Basu, Director, BARC released the BARC Logo and Enhanced BARC website on 10 August, 2012.

BARC Logo Released on 10 Aug 2012

Fukushima Dai-ichi NPP
  • Radiation data reported by IERMON from selected locationsin India
  • Status of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
  • More News


EU-IndiaGrid Project

BARC is participating in EU-IndiaGrid project a collaborative international project with INFN, Italy playing a leading role.  Out of eight Indian partners in this collaboration, five are from DAE institutes namely TIFR, NCBS, BARC, VECC and SINP. The EU-IndiaGrid is a two-year project with the aim is to bridge the gap between European and Indian grid infrastructure supporting the interconnection and interoperability of the major European and Indian Grid infrastructures and allows free flows of scientific knowledge. In the framework of the Sixth Framework Program for Research and Scientific Development, the European Commission (EC) has financed this grid infrastructure and applications project aiming at promoting cooperation between EC and India.

GÉANT2, the largest research and education network ever built for the European academic community enables linking of European Grids: EGEE & WLCG with Indian Grids: Regional WLCG and National Garuda pushing forward collaborative research in areas such as high energy physics, climate change, life sciences, biosciences.