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Nuclear Agriculture

The large amount of energy associated with the splitting of atom could be utilized for various peaceful applications. Agriculture is one such important sector under the peaceful uses of atomic energy having major societal impact.  Nuclear Agriculture and Biotechnology Division (NABTD), a constituent Division in the  Bio-Medical Group of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, is involved in a broad based research programme for developing high yielding, early maturing crop varieties with resistance to biotic, abiotic stresses, better nutritional quality and wider ecological adaptability using mutation and recombination breeding and their deployment for societal benefits. Apart from this, the Division is also engaged in other research programmes having direct or indirect societal benefits like development of plant biotechnological methods for cell and tissue culture, DNA markers for marker assisted selection, sterile insect technique (SIT) and biopesticides for integrated pest management, nutrient formulation with improved fertilizer use efficiency, technology related to bioregulators, bioremediation, biosensors, biocontrol and  agro-processing. Another major contribution from the Division benefitting the society is the development of   Nisargaruna biogas technology for agro-waste biodegradation which is rapidly gaining popularity and acceptance from the municipal corporations for disposal of municipal waste.

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Trombay (BARC) Crop Varieties released for commercial Cultivation